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Island Yoga Welcomes Beginners, Seniors, and Injured Bodies for Sessions

At Island Yoga, we welcome yoga students of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or beyond, all our classes are designed with your growth in mind. Our mission is to help you gain better breathing, mobility, and quality of life. Nothing brings us more joy than helping you on your journey to resetting, relaxing, and restoring your whole body. Because we are a one-room yoga studio conducting one class at a time, please pre-register for class whenever possible to ensure your spot.

Our smaller space ensures the best possible student-to-teacher ratio for the highest quality instruction and promotes an authentic community culture where every single person counts and every class is your best one. Sign up here for your next session.

senior couple doing yoga

Make the Most of Your Studio Experience

Even if you have been training for years, each studio has its own guidelines to help everyone feel included and to create a sense of sanctity in the space. By following the Island Yoga principles, you will be doing your part to help build our community of growth and positivity.

  • Arrive a little early to get settled and centered for class (we open 20 minutes before each class starts).
  • Check in at the front desk before entering the studio.
  • There is NO SUCH THING AS “SPOTS” IN THE YOGA ROOM. We urge you to diversify your practice by changing where you place your mat from class to class.
  • Leave silenced cell phones, shoes, bags, and other personal belongings in the lobby.
  • Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle. We do have rental mats to loan for $3.
  • Do not engage in loud conversation during class and keep voices low before and after class.
  • Return props neatly on the shelves and clean mats and blocks as needed.
  • Island Yoga is a body-positive studio. Please no negative self talk!

The Class Offerings Are as Follows:

Chair Yoga

A gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair.

Gentle Yoga

Connect with the breath while easing into shapes cultivating strength and flexibility.

Morning Meditation/Stretch

(45 minutes)

20-25 minutes of grounding, gentle movement and breathwork before 20 minutes of stillness and meditation.

Mindful Movement Yoga

Starting as a flow style class then merging into low-to-the-ground, sustained holds.

Slow Stretch*

Mellow out using melty stretches for end-of-day relaxation, with or without cannabidiol.

*$2 for CBD honey stick, CBD gummies, or flavorless hemp oil for water infusion.

Yin-storative Yoga

(Every Saturday and alternate Sundays, see online schedule or text Crystal for details)

Using props for a mix of yin-style deep stretches focused on tension release in the low back, hips and legs as well as prop-supported restorative postures for deep relaxation.

Yin-storative with Thai Yoga Massage $30**

(**alternate Sundays, see online schedule or text Crystal for details)

Enjoy luxuriously gentle movement and meditation, all while receiving Thai massage.

Minimum 5 guests per class to conduct class, maximum of 12 as space is limited to ensure individualized adjustments and hands-on healing for all. $30 drop-in rate.

Yummy Yin

A series of long-held passive floor poses mainly working the lower half of the body.

All Yoga Props Welcome for Use

At Island Yoga, we are uniquely equipped with a vast array or props to ensure your comfort and support within every class. Props are especially useful if you have injuries or conditions.  In the spirit of self-care and relaxation, props can also allow you to approach the yoga postures with greater ease and grace.

Our instructors are highly trained and teach intuitively to the room. We provide you with variations and modifications for postures to ensure you enjoy class at your own pace, abilities and experience. Below are some of the available props available at Island Yoga. Due to COVID-19, we are urging students to use our antimicrobial cork blocks and to bring their own mats and props, if possible. If you would like to rent a mat or use our props, you may opt to bring a towel to serve as a protective barrier. We are sanitizing in between classes and taking extra measures to ensure maximum cleanliness but are capping class sizes (please make sure to pre-register!) and urging everyone to enjoy a minimal or props-free/hands-on adjustments-free session.

  • Yoga neck pillows
  • Lavender eye pillows
  • Trigger point foam rollers
  • Hand weights
  • High-quality yoga blankets
  • Foam and cork rectangular blocks
  • Ergonomic foam yoga blocks
  • Infinity straps
  • Standard D-ring yoga straps
  • Foam yoga wedges (for arch support)
  • Yoga chairs
  • Lyengar rope wall (with harnesses)
  • Lacrosse balls for trigger point therapy
  • Weighted sandbags
  • Shoulder dowels
  • Zafu meditation cushions

Stay tuned as well for notices on small outdoor and beach yoga classes, and options to enjoy sessions remotely via Vimeo, Facebook and FaceTime! Please check our web site frequently for updates, and subscribe to our newsletter to remain apprised.

Reach Out for More Information from Island Yoga

Ready to take the next step on your yoga journey? Call Island Yoga today and speak with Crystal for guidance.

We help you relax, reset, and restore your body and mind.