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Book Your Beach Yoga Now!

Call Crystal to schedule your year-round beach yoga session today! She is available to meet you at your preferred beach and can customize the perfect class for you or your group.

Beach yoga has a multitude of benefits, but in light of COVID-19, we are encouraging people to enjoy open-air, outdoor practices. Crystal is certified in five types of yoga, and is prepared to teach a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or mixed-level style class (just specify which style class you are looking for and if anyone has any conditions or injuries to be mindful of, including pregnancy or recent surgeries).

Treat yourself to a beach yoga session on beautiful Hilton Head Island, PERFECT for a girls’ weekend trip, bachelorette party event, pre-wedding relaxation, or family fun activity!

Benefits of Beach Yoga

Whether you are registering for a private or group beach yoga session, there are many benefits to performing outdoors than in a regular studio. Gathering sunlight allows for the absorption of vitamin D, which is beneficial to your happiness. Sea air is also full of negative ions, which helps you breathe easier and more deeply. Working in the sand helps you as well because it is much softer than a hardwood floor. Having sand beneath you can help you open yourself to more demanding positions given you won’t fear the fall as much. You can also use the sand to help get better stabilization through more challenging poses. The natural breeze of the ocean will also keep you more refreshed and cooler, as opposed to air being pushed through an air conditioner unit. Once you are finished with your beach yoga course, it is also lovely to go for a refreshing dip in the ocean because it is right there!

Schedule Your Beach Yoga Lesson Today!

When you are ready to move from the hardwood to sand, give Crystal a call or use the form below! She is open to offering private lessons or a group session. Just make sure you include how many are in your party and the location you wish to have her meet you for your private beach yoga class. If you have any other questions, you can reach out to Crystal directly or give the studio a call. We are open seven days a week.

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